Moonbay Marina

Banana Bay Boracay’s Go Green Responsibility

Our Green Commitment



The world is colorful in itself. Banana Bay Boracay’s Go Green practices are just here to make sure that color flourishes.

Contribute to the World

Committed to ecotourism, we aim to contribute a set of practices in place from architecture, construction, design, and hotel operations.

Inspire Individuals

Every action is an opportunity to leave an impact on the planet. The goal of our Boracay Hotel’s Go Green policy is to inspire guests to make a difference by caring for the environment.

Experience the Environment

The world can be fully experienced if it’s well taken care of. We keep our promise to the environment by patronizing local suppliers and supporting carbon-free activities.

Environmental Awareness Efforts:

Even a little effort is never wasted.

Hollow Block-Free Architecture

For a more sustainable structure, shotcrete method was used in constructing the resort. This method slows down the passage of heat transfer in concrete, increasing energy efficiency by up to 300% and providing a cooler and more comfortable experience for our guests.

Eco-Friendly Heat Pumps

This is one of the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective space conditioning systems available. About 70% of the energy used by a geothermal heat pump comes in the form of renewable energy from the ground.

Salt-Chlorinated Pool

Using a salt chlorinator, our pool contains less chlorine. This decreases, if not eliminates, skin irritations and other health hazards caused by common chlorinated pools – all for a more comfortable swimming experience.

Minimal Plastic Use

Banana Bay Boracay helps to preserve the environment as well as protect birds and marine life affected by plastic wastes. We do this by reducing one-time plastic usage in the resort, encouraging proper waste disposal, and recycling.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

In line with our advocacy to reduce global warming and increase environmental awareness, we make efforts to reduce carbon footprint by implementing three-phase transformer and HVAC systems, heat pumps, and lead-free paints, among others.

Look at your surroundings. Beautiful, isn’t it? Banana Bay Boracay’s Go Green practices ensure our continued environmental awareness.